Gone, Baby, Clips

This little piece is mostly for my brothers and sisters in the UK (since we probably won't get the movie for a while), although you guys everywhere else will probably enjoy it to, if you enjoy quality cinema and haven't had the chance to see GONE, BABY, GONE yet. Frosty over at Collider has gotten his hands on 5 brand spanking new clips from the flick, which you can go ahead and check out over YONDER. The film has been garnering pretty much universal praise, in fact I haven't read a single bad review. I'm sure one will crop up somewhere, because as we all know it's crazy hip to be counter-culture, but so far so good for the Fleck's directorial debut. The movie stars younger Fleck, Casey as a detective brought in to investigate a little girl's kidnapping in a close-knit neighbourhood in Boston. Morgan Freeman and the always great Ed Harris co-star.
Extra Tidbit: I seriously hope that the movie gets brought over to the UK soon. I seriously doubt it will though.
Source: Collider



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