Good ol' Dane Cook

A recent poll done by MovieTickets.com has found that even Dane Cook's fans don't want him to do any more acting. Although only voted on by a mere 2000 people, it 37% said that he should "stick to stand-up comedy", 36% said he should "keep acting" and 27% said he should "give away humpback whales". You last saw Dane Cook in the trailers for the upcoming MY BEST FRIEND'S GIRL. Or you didn't. By the way, you rock.

To be perfectly honest and objective, this guy has been in some good films. I enjoyed MR. BROOKS and WAITING, but I have never seen a movie and thought that it was better for having him. And only 2000 people took the poll. To be hyperbolic though, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being love his acting, 10 being loath his acting, I would have to say I hate him and I wish he was dead.

Exclusive new MY BEST FRIEND'S GIRL clip HERE. But why you would click I have no idea.
Extra Tidbit: I wonder what Cook's parents think of him. They probably act like Chris Tucker's in RUSH HOUR and tell everyone their Dane is a drug dealer, not that yahoo on TV.
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