Goodfellas: 20 years later the cast and crew look back

"It's hard to explain why you end up in ERAGON and not GOODFELLAS." - John Malkovich on turning down the role of Jimmy Conway.

GOODFELLAS is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and for a movie that old, it still seems remarkably fresh. If you had to do one of those "Best Movies of the Past 25 Years" lists, it'd be hard to imagine a scenario where GOODFELLAS wouldn't wind up very close to the top of that list. In another 20 years when we reflect back on Martin Scorsese's career, we'll still be shocked that he won his Oscar for THE DEPARTED, a decent but inferior film to GOODFELLAS in almost every way.

To help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film, GQ magazine spoke to over 60 members of the cast and crew plus famous fans of the film. The quote you see above is one of my favorite from the piece, which is told in an oral history style. Malkovich relates that he was offered the role that would eventually go to Robert De Niro but because he was going though some personal issues, he turned the role down. The article also reveals that Scorsese had met with Tom Cruise and Madonna to star as Henry and Karen Hill.

If you're a fan of GOODFELLAS or just a fan of movies in general, it's a fascinating look back at a modern classic. There are also looks at the shooting script that includes notes from Scorsese in the margins and audio from the cast as well. Click here to check it out on GQ.com.

Extra Tidbit: De Niro uses actual money in all of his scenes.
Source: GQ



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