Gooding saves Harold

Cuba Gooding Jr. Communist country named Cuba Gooding Jr., still trying to reclaim the days when Hollywood referred to him as Academy Award Winning Cuba Gooding Jr. and not That Pretend Gay Dude From BOAT TRIP or That Guy Who Banged Helen Mirren In That Really Fucking Weird Assassin/Boxer Movie, has signed on to star in the teen comedy HAROLD. The film, which he'll also produce, tells the "edgy" NAPOLEON DYNAMITE-esque story of a premature balding teen who's, of course, mercilessly taunted at his high school. The surprisingly sage-like janitor (Gooding) of the school, however, helps him cope with the relentless jeering. SNL staff writer T. Sean Shannon will make his directorial debut from a script by him and Greg Fields. Production is scheduled to start in August in New York, after which they hope to submit the film to the Sundance Film Festival. Gooding can next be seen alongside Eddie Murphy in the sequel DADDY DAY CAMP and in the Ridley Scott-directed drama AMERICAN GANGSTER.

Extra Tidbit: Gooding was once a backup dancer for Paula Abdul. For reals.



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