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Gordon Gekko spotted


A few pics have been popping up recently that showed some of the cast to Oliver Stone's WALL STREET 2: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS which I still say is a shitty title, but we had yet to see what Gordon Gekko would look like after all this time. And most importantly, would he still be wearing suspenders?

A new spy pic form the set has been circulating yesterday that shows Michael Douglas back in action, though sadly the suspenders question isn't answered. Doesn't much answer either on what kind of morality now inhabits the once fearsome Gekko, especially in that suit. Don't know what I was expecting, though... 

Head over here to see a slightly embiggen version of the pic. Otherwise, the film comes out in theaters next April.

     Gekko Spotted

Extra Tidbit: I'm curious to know how many schmoes have Gekko on their top-10 greatest villains list. AND where he ranks.
Source: Daily Mail



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