Gosling is Jack Ryan?

The rumor today is that the character of Jack Ryan (played by Harrison Ford in films like PATRIOT GAMES and CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER) is going to be relaunched by Paramount and that the guy to play him is none other than Ryan Gosling. Ben Affleck took a stab at filling the shoes back in '02, but that didn't pan out all that well since THE SUM OF ALL FEARS was truly mediocre, and he was still, well, Ben Affleck. Fortunately though, Gosling has given us some really stellar performances and there's fair cause to be optimistic about this. The rumor apparently comes from the mouth of director Philip Noyce (PATRIOT GAMES, CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER) who said that there is a new Jack Ryan movie in the works, but neither he nor Ford are involved, and that it was gonna star Gosling. He also is quoted as saying that the new film will be called BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. The film won't be based on a new Tom Clancy book, but a brand new script, as the studio owns the rights to use the character of Jack Ryan without the permission of the author.

I desperately need Gosling to make a mainstream, cool movie, since I'm tired of closet-loving him when I'm out at parties with people who only know him as the NOTEBOOK guy. Or the Mickey Mouse Club guy. When people ask me who I think the best young actor working today is, I just go with The Rock. And then when they say he's not that young, I just ask them if they saw WALKING TALL and all is saved. Because he hits people with a 2x4.
Extra Tidbit: Also according to Moviehole, Paramount snapped up a script by Daniel Pyne in 2005 titled "By Any Mean's Necessary" - which was about a cop who turns to a jailed mobster for insider information in order to stop a terrorist attack. Could this be re-worked a la OCEAN'S TWELVE, for Jack Ryan?
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