Gosling is lovely

It's no secret that Ryan Gosling is one of the best actor's working today, young or old. I remember reading rave's about his performance in HALF-NELSON, him being hailed in the class of Penn, and Brando, his generation's brightest star. Then I saw the movie for myself and it instantly became one of my favourites. And with prior notable roles in THE BELIEVER and THE NOTEBOOK, Gosling is a big name in art house cirlces and teenage girl slumber parties, but he has yet to have that true mainstream break-out role. This has now been changed.

Variety reports that Gosling has been cast alongside Rachel Weisz in Peter Jackson's THE LOVELY BONES, based on the bestselling Alice Sebold novel about a murdered girl who watches down from Heaven on her family and killer in the aftermath of her death. Gosling will be playing the father, and Weisz the mother. My first thought upon hearing this was that Gosling seems much too young to play the father of a young girl, especially opposite Rachel Weisz, who I consider to be a 'woman', while Gosling still has that 'youth' factor. And I'm not calling you old Rachel, so please don't cancel our date, but compared to Ryan, you're...mature. And listen Ryan, I'm not calling you immature, so please don't cancel our Wii date, but compared to Rachel you're...a tad boyish. But in the end, you're both great actors, and Peter is a great director, and THE LOVELY BONES is supposedly a great book, and this movie, by all intents and purposes, will also be great. Shooting starts this October in Pennsylvania and New Zealand for a release next year. More casting surely to come.

Extra Tidbit: Yes, that picture is of Ryan and his real-life girlfriend Rachel McAdams, who personally would have chosen to replace Katie Holmes in THE DARK KNIGHT.
Source: Variety



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