Goss Death Races

Out of all the movies that I ever thought needed a prequel, DEATH RACE wasn’t a film that ever crossed my mind. “Guy in mask drives spiky car in circle” wouldn’t seem to have a need for an elaborate backstory, but someone disagrees and now we have DEATH RACE: FRANKENSTEIN LIVES, a direct-to-DVD origin story.

The sad news is that HELLBOY 2’s Luke Goss is attached to star as the lead in the film, which is the story of the man who was Frankenstein before Jason Statham put on the mask. He’s the right-hand man of a notorious mobster, busted for killing a cop during a robbery and in jail enters the death race and becomes a legend.

I know a lot of you think Luke Goss is a very underappreciated actor, as do I, and though it’s great he’s starring in a movie, it’s a big bummer that it’s this one, and it’s not the best career move he could have made.

FRANKENSTEIN LIVES starts shooting in Europe next month, and might be on shelves before the end of the year.

Extra Tidbit: Just make a TWISTED METAL movie instead.
Source: Moviehole



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