Goyer is possessed

David Goyer is a talented writer who hasn't had much luck translating those writing skills into directing success. Neither BLADE: TRINITY nor THE INVISIBLE were very well received critically or commercially. That said, I think the guy has got the talent, he just needs to put it all together. To save the day, in comes Michael Bay. The uber-director has signed Goyer to direct an untitled thriller about a young girl who's possessed. The film, which Goyer also wrote, follows an 18-year-old girl who realizes she has been possessed and she begins to fight back. Filming on UPTFMB ("Untitled Possession Thriller For Michael Bay") is scheduled to begin in February and it's unclear what this means for MAGNETO. Goyer was scheduled to direct the X-MEN spinoff for Fox but UPTFMB could push MAGNETO back or take Goyer off the project. While Goyer didn't write the script for THE DARK KNIGHT, he was involved in the story and also worked on Doug Liman's JUMPER, which hits theaters in February.

Extra Tidbit: Personally I couldn't care less if they ever make a Magneto standalone movie.



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