Goyer talks Rider

Mighty Mugs Rider

Anyone on the fence about the recent news that GHOST RIDER 2 is going ahead? With Nic Cage? Aiming at a PG-13 again?

Talking to the folks of Collider this week, screenwriter David Goyer confirmed that he's not really writing the new GHOST script, he actually wrote it 9 years ago... The sequel will be based on a "hard R" treatment that was then tossed and now adapted to the required "come on in, kids" certification. Why was it tossed, you may ask? "Originally I was writing it, and Stephen Norrington was gonna direct." No need to say more Dave...

 As for the rating, Goyer loops back to the fact that THE DARK KNIGHT got away with a lot and was on the "bleeding edge" of PG-13, with such a rating being increasingly tolerant. "There's no question we're gonna have to tone some things down, but I don't think we're gonna have to do that much". As far as I'm concerned, that movie can't get away with Nic Cage again, but that's just me. Am I wrong?

Extra Tidbit: Plus they killed Donal Logue in the first. You can't kill Donal Logue. He friggin Rocks!!
Source: Collider



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