Grace's rights Gone

John Cusack Every year at Sundance, a handful of films generate an enormous amount of buzz, incite fierce bidding wars among studios and ultimately disappoint once the film's released in theaters, leading studio execs to have particularly huffy hissy fits and wonder "why they paid so much goddamn money for that weird fucking movie about a guy who's in love with his goddamn animatronic dolphin Ned!!" The studios every year continue to pay exorbitant amounts of money for the films generating the most buzz, however, because every so often a LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE comes along that does go on to make gobbles and gobbles of cash at the box office. Dave told you about one of those this year - the genital dentata opus TEETH - and the one that seems to be reaching critical mass in the buzz department is the John Cusack-starring GRACE IS GONE. So, it's no wonder that the Weinstein Co. have already bought the worldwide distribution rights to the film. In it, Cusack stars as a man whose wife is killed while on duty in Iraq but rather than tell his daughters, he takes them on a cross-country road trip. And make sure to keep your eyes peeled for our man Scott Weinberg's review of this film and lots more as he once again brings you all the best in movies, celebrity brush-offs and nut freezing from Sundance.

Extra Tidbit: Other films generating buzz include David Wain's comedy spoof THE TEN and uber-scribe (and blogger) John August's feature directorial debut THE NINES.
Source: Weinstein Co.



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