Graham has Hangover

Last week we reported that Zach Galifianakis was cast alongside Ed Helms and bradley Cooper in the Las Vegas/bachelor party comedy THE HANGOVER. The film revolves around the aforementioned three, who play pals who lose their best friend at his Caesars Palace bachelor party just 40 hours before his wedding. The trio must attempt to retrace all their bad decisions from the night before and figure out what the hell happened.

As the film nears production, the cast continues to take shape, with Justin Bartha being cast as "the best friend" and Heather Graham being cast in a part that will hopefully include her prancing around in her underwear a la ANGER MANAGEMENT. I am excited about this film based on Galifianakis' presence alone, and Ed Helms certainly doesn't hurt. And just think, the last time Heather Graham was cast alongside a bunch of boys doing naughty things, we got SWINGERS.
Extra Tidbit: I wonder what it would feel like to touch one of Heather Graham's breasts. Pretty good I bet.
Source: THR



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