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Gran Turismo movie in the works from Sony and Fifty Shades of Grey producers


Gran Turismo

With how well the last two FAST AND FURIOUS films have done in theaters (combined they have grossed $446 million domestically and over $1.3 billion worldwide) it's not surprising that several studios are trying to emulate that success with their own movies involving fast moving vehicles. Besides the NEED FOR SPEED video game adaptation with Aaron Paul, Legendary is looking into making a HOT WHEELS movie and Sony recently acquired GO FAST, which would be about high speed boats.

According to The Wrap Sony is also interested in bringing one of it's own video game properties to the big screen: Gran Turismo. Behind the wheel of the adaptation are FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and THE SOCIAL NETWORK producers Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti. The Gran Turismo series is arguably Playstation's biggest video game franchise and I'm sure Sony hopes that its popularity will help draw a lot of people to theaters.

My issue is that a GRAN TURISMO film isn't being made because the story is good or there's a character that audiences really like: it's only because of name-brand recognition. The video games from the series have been popular because of the amazing graphics and realistic driving physics, but won't there be you know, real cars in the film and isn't it clear by now with FAST AND FURIOUS 6 that moviegoers don't give a shit about science when it comes to fast cars?

No word on when GRAN TURISMO might start production, but the sixth video game in the series should be in stores sometime at the end of this year.

Extra Tidbit: What's next, a Beetle Adventure Racing adaptation?
Source: The Wrap



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