Gray is Gaye

Is F. Gary Gray directing the Marvin Gaye biopic because their last names sound alike? Probably not, but I’m really hoping that’s the case, because directors who land biopic jobs because of their similar sounding last names to their subjects, are awesome. Variety has indeed confirmed that Gray (THE ITALIAN JOB) will direct the film, to be called MARVIN. C. Gaby Mitchell (BLOOD DIAMOND) will write the script.

Initially I thought this was the film SEXUAL HEALING, produced by James Gandolfini and starring Jesse L. Martin as the singer in his later, more trying years, but it looks like it’ll be a case of the competing movies. The last time this happened was with those dueling Janis Joplin pics, and look how that turned out. Nada. Gray has described this as his passion project, one that he “wakes up every day thinking about.” So I guess this movie is to him what thongs are to me. The movie will cover Gaye’s whole life, up into his murder by his own father, and Gray is intent on separating this for your typical sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll biopic, insisting that this will deal with much issues that are more socially relevant. Even though sex and drugs are about as relevant as it gets.

Extra Tidbit: Marvin Gaye faced a lifelong battle with depression.
Source: Variety



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