Great TDK article

My goal leading up to the July 18th release of THE DARK KNIGHT is to write at least one story about it per night. If that fails, then I shall renounce pizza. Good news is, I’ll be eating pizza tomorrow, because Wired.com has an interesting article about the technical stuff behind TDK, and how Christopher Nolan tried to avoid CGI effects in lieu of the real thing. A particularly interesting quote Nolan had referred to the nature of Ledger’s performance.

“The director wasn’t interested in plumbing the murky origins of the Joker himself - the Clown Prince is more a Loki-like force of chaos. “He’s like the shark in Jaws,” Nolan explains. “The Joker cuts through the film, he’s incredibly important, but he’s not a guy with a backstory. He’s a wild card.”

I’m surprised they’re not giving the Joker a back story, but the performance might work better that way. After all, evil is more terrifying when you can’t explain it.

Extra Tidbit: Does anyone have their DARK KNIGHT tickets yet?
Source: Wired.com



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