Green Hornet and Last Airbender each get a 3D facelift

The hastily three-dimensionalized CLASH OF THE TITANS didn't seem to impress many of the people who forked over extra cash to see it, but it made enough money for all the studios to follow suit with nearly every release on their future schedules.

Sony is hoping their Seth Rogen/Michel Gondry pulp hero oddity THE GREEN HORNET can overcome some recent early negative buzz by adding an extra layer or two. Heat Vision says the movie is getting the post-production 3D conversion treatment, which also means it will slide from its planned December release date to January 14th, 2011 (and shoving the 3D vampire Western PRIEST out to March 4th). HORNET was originally set for this July.

Also going for the afterthought pocket-grab is M. Night Shyamalan's THE LAST AIRBENDER, according to AICN. That one is under the gun to get converted -- the movie is slotted for release over the always lucrative July 4th weekend, and there's no way Paramount will let the bending of air slip to another date, no matter how many dimensions it has.

Extra Tidbit: Does a 3D conversion make you any more or less interested in seeing either of these?
Source: Heat VisionAICN



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