Green Hornet to be Awesome

Yep, it's been guaranteed. It's not every day you get a seal of approval like that. First of all, Rogen wants the hardcore fans to know that even though he's probably best known right now, for being the idiot who accidentally impregnated the hot chick from GREY'S ANATOMY, he's serious about the GREEN HORNET:

“We (he and writing partner Evan Goldberg) write movies based on relationships, and that’s what drew us to ‘The Green Hornet’... It’s about these two guys who fight crime together…it’s the only really quote-unquote ’superhero-type movie’ that is about that…Batman would still be Batman without Robin, but Green Hornet would probably be useless without Kato.”

And then:

“We made ‘Pineapple Express’, which is an action-comedy, but the action is the thing that stood out to the people we’ve shown the movie to so far - and my favorite types of movies are action/adventure movies, so that’s what we’re trying to do. We really want to make it an awesome action movie.”

So there you have it, it's gonna be awesome. Was there ever any doubt?
Extra Tidbit: Know how I know you're gay? Because you enjoy re-runs of THE GOLDEN GIRLS.
Source: MTV



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