Green Lantern director

It looks like Warner Bros. is finally getting serious about GREEN LANTERN. Or at least as serious as CASINO ROYALE.

The studio has brought in two-time Bond relauncher Martin Campbell to direct their big-budget flick about the DC Comics hero who really hates yellow. Campbell has demonstrated aptitude with both character and action (GOLDENEYE, THE MASK OF ZORRO), which would seem to make him a sensible selection.

Screenwriters Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green have all been trying to come up with imaginative objects for Lantern to fabricate with his ring. Last we heard, the script was an epic sci-fi deal that revolved around Hal Jordan and his place in the Green Lantern Corps (and not the comedic take expected when Jack Black was involved).

The movie is apparently a priority for WB (along with JONAH HEX), but we should probably keep in mind that JUSTICE LEAGUE was as well, and that never materialized. Perhaps for the best.

Extra Tidbit: Let the casting conjecture commence!
Source: Variety



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