Green Lantern movie

Well, it appears Studios aren't sitting back, they're still snapping up comic book properties like they're going out of fashion. Next on the production line is the GREEN LANTERN, as Greg Berlanti (TV's 'Everwood', or as the homophobes on The OC call it; 'Everwoody') has signed a deal to co-write and direct a live-action adaptation of the DC superhero. I always thought that Common (SMOKIN' ACES) would be killer as John Stewart, but it turns out that this movie will feature Hal Jordan (probably the most famous incarnation of the character), a test pilot who finds a downed alien spacecraft. A dying alien passes his ring to Jordan, introducing the man to a wider world that includes an interstellar police force known as the Green Lantern Corps and its overseers, the Guardians of the Universe, who live on the planet Oa.

Berlanti said that "To me, this was on the last great comic book movie that hasn't been made,"... It was a comic book with a real mythology that you would see in a lot of the space operas and the sci-fi books. The best part about it, anybody can be become one of the Green Lanterns because anyone can end up with that ring." I don't know about this, Berlanti doesn't exactly have the credentials I'd want for someone making a Lantern movie, but we'll see how this goes. Good news is that the co-writers will be Marc Guggenheim (comc books 'The Amazing Spiderman' and 'Wolverine) and Michael Green (the comic books 'Superman/Batman').
Extra Tidbit: Berlanti grew up in Rye, New York, where he was a catcher. Nah, not really. But he did grow up in Rye.
Source: Reuters



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