Green Lantern to be more Iron Man than Batman

Collider's Steve "Frosty" Weintraub got a chance to sit down with director Martin Campbell who's been doing press for his Mel Gibson angry man thriller EDGE OF DARKNESS and, of course, discussed a little about a superhero film everyone's been talking about, THE GREEN LANTERN.

Since much of the main casting of the film has now been complete, a question on a lot of people's minds has been what tone Campbell would be going for. The director tells Collider the following on the subject:

"It will be much more in the tone of Iron Man. It’s got to be. Certainly not Batman Begins, which is a pretty dark movie. No, he’s the Hal Jordan character who’s the sort of shoot from the hip, irresponsible kind of cocky test pilot if you will. In fact, the character seems to be the least likely to be chosen as Green Lantern. Well, of course that’s the fun of it. So no, it’ll be much more like Iron Man. So it’ll have one foot in reality if you see what I mean."

Considering that the Emerald Knight can form giant tanks, giant hammers, and giant whatevers with his ring, I imagine keeping a slightly lighter tone than that of Nolan's Bat films is an absolute imperative.

Read the rest of Collider's interview with Campbell RIGHT HERE!
Extra Tidbit: How do you guys feel about this news? Would you prefer to see a darker, more serious take on the character, or do you feel Campbell is spot on?
Source: Collider



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