Green Lantern's Martin Campbell to direct Sebastian X adaptation

Sebastian X Martin Campbell

While Martin Campbell has been attached to direct several different films since 2011's GREEN LANTERN (and might be Paramount's top choice to helm G.I. JOE 3), his next project could be a big screen version of the Italian graphic novel Sebastian X. Variety is reporting Voltage Films and Valhalla Motion Pictures have hired the director for the adaptation, and Campbell will direct the film from a script by DEJA VU scribe Bill Marsilii.

The graphic novel the was written by Michelangelo La Neve and drawn by Stuart Immonen, and follows "an elite cop who, after a near-fatal injury, is implanted with the memories of the world’s most notorious terrorist — Sebastian X — in order to infiltrate his group before their next attack."

Martin Campbell stumbled a bit (Ok, a lot) with GREEN LANTERN, but I enjoyed most of his previous movies, and am interested in seeing what he does with SEBASTIAN X, although I don't know a damn thing about the graphic novel besides the synopsis above. Have any of you read Michelangelo La Neve and Stuart Immonen's Sebastian X, and what are your thoughts on Martin Campbell directing the adaptation?

Source: Variety



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