Greene an Apparition

Now this isn't TWILIGHT news per se, so I don't think I need to let Niki take it, but it does have to do with someone from the series, Edward Cullen's sister, Ashley Greene (yes, the one with all the leaked naked pictures on the internet). She’s branching outside her vegan vampire role, and stepping into THE APPARITION, a supernatural thriller that chronicles a young couple haunted by something ghostly released during a college experiment.

Oh, and it’s “inspired by true events.” What exactly are these true events? I’ve no idea, but if I had to guess, someone did an experiment at some college somewhere, then went home and thought they heard something. Bam, true events. Inspiration. Sell those movie rights.

First time writer and director Todd Lincoln is writing and directing, and Joel Silver is producing. From the sound of things I can’t exactly imagine this being the horror smash of the century, though I am curious to see if Greene can hold her own in a leading role. Lord knows TWILIGHT isn’t exactly the place to flex your dramatic muscle.

Extra Tidbit: For you casual TWILIGHT watchers, she's not the hot blonde sister, she's the one with pixie hair.
Source: Variety



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