Greengrass to Chicago?

At one point Steven Spielberg was attached to direct THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 with Sacha Baron Cohen and Philip Seymour Hoffman in line to star. As Spielberg is wont to do though, his interest turned elsewhere and the CHICAGO 7 movie went by the wayside. But the project might not be all dead. Film School Rejects is reporting that Paul Greengrass is in line to take over for Spielberg. Their intel comes from Production Weekly, a publication that has a listing of projects in the works at Hollywood. Their info is often correct but occasionally misinformed (because it's a chart there's no room for gray areas like a director is "circling" a project or "interested" in a project). So it would seem that Greengrass is looking at CHICAGO 7 in one way, shape or form. He's one of the few people I'd trust to stand-in for Spielberg but I still have to admit that I'm not so sure I'm interested in a TRIAL OF CHICAGO 7 movie. I mean there was just a documentary released last year and I've heard this is, more or less, a dramatization of the documentary. Greengrass is in post-production on the Matt Damon political thriller GREEN ZONE and is reportedly ready to film a fourth BOURNE movie. It's unclear where CHICAGO 7 could fit into this mix and whether Cohen or Hoffman would still be game to star.

Extra Tidbit: Give me a fourth BOURNE movie any day.



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