Greenpeace: Origins

Greenpeace's Looney Bin

John Turtletaub making a film about the origins of the Greenpeace movement is already a strange idea in itself - the NATIONAL TREASURE director isn't exactly the one I'd pick for a serious project. But then it gets weirder: AIRPLANE and NAKED GUN guy Jerry Zucker is producing. With his wife. Nic Cage and Leslie Nielsen take on whale hunters?...

The yet-untitled film would chronicle the organization's early days in the 70s and 80s, seen through the eyes of its founders Bob Hunter and Rex Weyler. Says Zucker to Variety, "Jon likes to make a big adventure movies. And we've found that the best way to reach people's hearts and minds is through entertainment." Yup, Nic Cage it is...

The project is still in early development, with director and producer said to be considering Aaron Sorkin for the screenplay. That, I get. "You can't handle the whales!"

Extra Tidbit: I have to be fair: Jerry Zucker is a passionate environmentalist, so it kinda make sense he'd be championing this.
Source: Variety



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