Greta Gerwig and Ethan Hawke have an affair in the trailer for Maggie's Plan

Maggie's plan to have a baby on her own is derailed when she falls in love with John, a married man, destroying his volatile marriage to the brilliant Georgette. Now she concocts a plan to reunite the two, detaching herself from this situation, guilt-free, and continuing on with her life. If that doesn't grab you, let me just list off the two leads of the film: Greta Gerwig and Ethan Hawke. Right?!? Check out the first trailer below!

Greta Gerwig's been charming my pants off (so to speak) since her writing and acting turn in FRANCES HA. She has all the charisma and then some, so when you pair her up with someone as reliably awesome as Ethan Hawke, that guarantees my ass in a theater seat. Granted, the first half of the trailer grabbed me more than the second half, but there's a lot of solid actors here and I'm hoping the movie doesn't play it as cutesy as the trailer does.

MAGGIE'S PLAN opens on May 20, 2016.



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