Grindhouse lessons

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez are digging up the concept of underground cinema and sharing it with you in their upcoming double feature, but just what the hell does GRINDHOUSE actually mean? Well, I could explain it, but probably not with the same enthusiasm and clarity as the directors themselves, so I'll let them handle it!

Yahoo has an excellent brief tutorial from the excitable filmmakers themselves, explaining the subculture and flicks that inspired them to make their own exploitation double feature. Besides some informative background on the genesis of their intentional trash cinema, the clip also contains some meaty glimpses of the movie's cheap thrills (however expensive they may actually be).

Check out the clip RIGHT HERE! Holy gun-legged strippers, I can't wait for this "package" to arrive!
Extra Tidbit: For another primer on grindhouse movies, pick up one of the 42nd STREET FOREVER DVDs, which collect movie trailers of 1960s and 70s juicy junk flicks filled with drugs, murder, sadism, perversion, revenge, sex, and all manner of then-taboo topics.
Source: Yahoo



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