Grindhouse trailer!!

UPDATE - JoBlo.com reader Evan writes in with and says he noted with his keen eye a special guest actor in the trailer. We weren't sure, so we took a better look and slowed down one of the real quick edits in the middle of the trailer. Sure enough, it's true! Check out the pics at the very bottom of this article for the scoop!...

It's pretty much a slow news day (you know it's slow when a Rosie O'Donnell/Donald Trump war of words makes top headlines) but to help put a little skip in your step comes the bad ass new trailer for GRINDHOUSE. It actually does a good job of selling the concept of the movie to the audience, one of the things I thought they might have the hardest time doing with the mainstream crowd. If there's anybody out there who even considers themselves remotely a genre fan, they're gonna have to go see this movie based on these trailers. How can you not? Wow, with this and TRANSFORMERS, fanboys should be in hog heaven. Click on any of the grabs below to head to Yahoo! Movies to check out the trailer.

GRINDHOUSE...co-starring Mr. Bruce Willis!

Source: Yahoo! Movies



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