Groundhog Day plus teenagers equals Repeaters

There's a film getting a bit of buzz at pre-TIFF, it takes a very familiar concept, and reworks it for uh, the modern day I guess. It's called REPEATERS and it's essentially if you stripped GROUNDHOG DAY of its humor and sent it into quite a darker place.

It's not one person stuck in an infinite time loop this time, it's three teenagers, and rather than take this time to learn how to play the piano or ice sculpt, they find that their newfound freedom allows them to be complete assholes, and rampage around on crime sprees and shooting each other.

HitFix has the debut trailer for it, and I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. It seems kind of cheap to just take a creative concept, and put some teens and explosions in it, but it could be surprisingly worthwhile if it goes a BUTTERFLY EFFECT-ish route, which actually turned out to be rather interesting with it's time paradoxes, though I suppose time loops are a different matter altogether. This is from indie director Carl Bessai and is currently looking for US distribution.

What do you make of it?


Extra Tidbit: What would you do if your day kept repeating itself? I'd do the training useful skills thing. Crime sprees would get boring after a while.
Source: HitFix



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