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Guillermo del Toro, Lovecraft tentacles and... Tom Cruise??


Yesterday we talked about how excited James Cameron is to be working with filmmaker Guillermo del Toro on his 3D live-action adaptation of HP Lovecraft's horror tale AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS.

Today things get a bit weird. Even for a Lovecraft movie.

According to Collider, del Toro wants Tom Cruise to lead his doomed Antarctic expedition and its encounter with an ancient civilization. The studio is reportedly keen on James McAvoy (WANTED), who is currently preoccupied with honing his mental powers for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.

The GdT/Cruise connection isn't new -- they previously met when del Toro was considering a new VAN HELSING project with the high-profile grin machine. Cruise will start shooting the new MISSION IMPOSSIBLE thing in October, while MADNESS isn't scheduled to begin until next May, so it's conceivable schedule-wise.

Extra Tidbit: Cruise, del Toro and Cameron on a big-budget 3D action-horror movie -- is that a combination that interests you?
Source: Collider



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