Guillermo del Toro offered the director's seat on Godzilla remake?

Guillermo del Toro is deep in preproduction on AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, his upcoming action-horror film produced by James Cameron but that's not stopping rival projects from trying to steal his interest. Latino Review is reporting that Legendary Pictures (THE DARK KNIGHT, INCEPTION) has offered del Toro the directing gig on their upcoming GODZILLA remake.

Now being offered the project and actually accepting the offer and two completely different things. But if Legendary is serious enough to draw up an offer sheet for del Toro's reps despite his work on MADNESS, they've made it clear he's the guy they want. Latino is reporting that Legendary's version of GODZILLA is actually based off an existing spec script titled PACIFIC RIM that will be rejiggered to include Godzilla and his monsters. (And if del Toro actually did get involved, he'd likely rejigger it further.)

For what it's worth, HitFix contacted Guillermo himself who said, "I am not involved in GODZILLA at all." But in all fairness, Bradley Cooper also flat out denied rumors he would be in THE A-TEAM and look what happened there. It's very possible del Toro's reps just received the offer last night and it hadn't trickled down to the man himself yet. Whatever the case, we'll find out more info soon and see if GODZILLA is yet another project on Guillermo's packed plate.

Extra Tidbit: Guillermo should just start up his own film studio at this point.
Source: Latino Review



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