Guillermo del Toro tells us his favorite movies of 2010!

"You know, I hate these things..."

That's what Guillermo del Toro said when we asked him to give us his Top 5 movies of the year. Frankly we're kinda sick of those lists too but when you have Guillermo del Toro on the phone, it's hard not to wonder what the dude is watching in his free time. He admitted he's playing a lot of video games ("Left 4 Dead 2") and cartoons with his daughters (DESPICABLE ME, TANGLED) and while he didn't want to rank his movies, did let us know what his favorite films of 2010 were.

Among the movies del Toro listed as his favorites from the past year include INCEPTION, Gaspar Noe's ENTER THE VOID, THE TOWN, SOCIAL NETWORK, TRUE GRIT and, although he admits he's a bit biased since he produced the film, BIUTIFUL.

Guillermo was incredibly gracious with his time and spoke about these movies, video games and all of his millions of projects (including the new "Hulk" TV show, DOCTOR STRANGE, FRANKENSTEIN, HAUNTED MANSION and, of course, AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS) with the JoBlo Movie Podcast for over 25 minutes. Head over here to take a listen and stick around to see if our critic, Chris Bumbray, agrees with Mr. del Toro's choices.

Source: JoBlo.com



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