Guillermo del Toro to begin producing video games

If Guillermo del Toro directing IN THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS and producing THE HAUNTED MANSION for Disney wasn't enough del Toro news for you, you're in luck. The LA Times has confirmed that del Toro is finalizing a deal with video game publisher THQ ("Red Faction") to develop a series of games that are described as "ambitious" and aimed at adults.

While there are some projects already in the works between del Toro and THQ (potentially related to either of the above mentioned film projects), neither side of the partnership was ready to divulge any details until the financials were finalized.

The imagination of del Toro seems like it would be a perfect fit for the world of video games but many Hollywood types have tried to make the leap (Vin Diesel, for one) into producing video games with mostly disappointing results. The good news is that del Toro never just lends his name to a project without significant dedication and concern for the property. Let's hope it all plays out exactly like we'd want it to...

Extra Tidbit: THQ does a lot of movie-liscenced games, which makes me wonder if a MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS game could be a reality.
Source: LA Times



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