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Guillermo del Toro will finally make At the Mountains of Madness -- with James Cameron!


Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro played coy all last weekend at Comic Con regarding his next directorial effort. In panels and interviews, he would only reveal that his grand plan would be announced soon.

According to Deadline, that project is... his longtime passion project AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS! And it will be shot in 3D! And James Cameron will be producing!

Any part of that news would be extremely cool, but the elements together make for some exponential excitement. Cameron's involvement was obviously what convinced Universal to give the go-ahead to del Toro for what has long been considered an expensive but non-commercial project (it kicked around different studios throughout the past decade). Blessed be the Old Ones!

The story, based on a novella by HP Lovecraft, follows an Antarctic expedition's discovery of a lost civilization, and all the expected nightmarish slimy freakbeasts and ancient tentacled god-creatures that entails.

Extra Tidbit: Cameron+del Toro > Jackson+del Toro? Discuss.



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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