Guillermo's Champions

When it comes to superheroes, Guillermo del Toro has thus far gravitated to non-traditional comic characters like vamp-duster Blade and monster-puncher Hellboy. Who knew he was into obscure British TV shows from the 60s as well?

The happy horror helmer will momentarily steer away from tentacles to write, direct and produce THE CHAMPIONS, based on the old espionage/sci-fi series. The show involved three UN agents rescued from a plane crash by a mysterious monk who endows them with special abilities like enhanced strength and telepathy. They put their new skills to use for a Geneva-based agency called Nemesis, who sends them on missions while they're still discovering their powers.

This adds to del Toro's already teetering stack of potential projects that includes DEADMAN, THE WITCHES, 3993, and AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS (which was thought to be his next film after he finished the latest adventure of Big Red). He's also producing a bunch of interesting stuff like SPLICE and Neil Gaiman's DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING.
Extra Tidbit: ITC, the company behind the original CHAMPIONS, was also responsible for series such as THE SAINT, THE PRISONER, THUNDERBIRDS, THE PERSUADERS, DANGER MAN and THE MUPPET SHOW.
Source: Variety



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