Gulliver guys reteam for Stretch Armstrong

While we've yet to see anything publicly on GULLIVER'S TRAVELS, the big-budget adventure comedy from Fox that stars Jack Black as a modern spin on the classic tale, Universal Pictures must have seen enough to know that they want to work with that creative team. They've hired director Rob Letterman and writer Nicholas Stoller to reteam on their planned adaptation of STRETCH ARMSTRONG that has Taylor Lautner attached to star.

Stoller is no stranger at Universal having written and directed his last two films (FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL and GET HIM TO THE GREEK) for the studio. Somewhat curious as to why he wasn't just hired outright to direct the film but I'm guessing they were looking for someone with more of a background in heavy CG effects. Prior to getting his feature directorial gig on GULLIVER'S, Letterman had directed MONSTERS VS. ALIENS for DreamWorks and now counts himself among a number of animation vets who've made the leap into live-action.

Stoller will be rewriting an existing screenplay by Steve Oedekirk (EVAN ALMIGHTY) and will likely be tailoring the script to Taylor. When the film might actually get before cameras remains to be seen.

Extra Tidbit: Will Fetch Armstrong make an appearance? We can only hope and pray!!
Source: THR



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