Gunn on your Xbox

Many would argue that the whole "war" between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray is little more than a playground shoving match in the grand scheme, and that the hi-def future lies in streaming and direct downloads to portable devices, on-demand set-top boxes and next-gen videogame consoles.

Xbox is getting the jump on that inevitability, creating original content for download on Xbox Live. The plan is to focus on making shortform movies in the comedy, horror and sci-fi genres to hit the core gamer demographic, and they're not messing around -- writer-director James Gunn (DAWN OF THE DEAD, SLITHER) has already been tapped to create new material for the venture.

Not much is known about his project yet, but it's described as comedy in the vein of SOUTH PARK, revolves around the wacky adventures of a group of friends, and includes at least one hot chick in a bikini. Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace already has content deals with MGM, Warner Bros., Paramount, Nickelodeon, Fox, Disney, Lionsgate, Miramax, MTV and others.
Extra Tidbit: Gunn played Minute Man (as in small, not 60 seconds) in the superhero spoof THE SPECIALS, which he also wrote.
Source: G4



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