Gunn shoots Pets

Is it messed up to put a picture of a guy's new ex-wife in an article about him? Probably, but Jenna Fischer is super hot and I just can't resist. Fischer's ex-hubby James Gunn is moving on with his life though and has signed on to write and direct the comedy PETS for New Regency. Ben Stiller will produce the film, which follows a man abducted by aliens who want to turn him into their pet. Gunn (SLITHER) had been rumored to direct a horror spec script titled THE BELCOO EXPERIMENT. That film is set up at Rogue Pictures but it's unclear whether PETS or BELCOO would be first to get going before the strike. Gunn says of PETS on his MySpace page, "Anyway, I'm very fucking excited about this movie. I love the people I'm working with on all ends, I'm in love with the story and characters, and it's exactly what I need in my life right now." So expect that PETS will probably move ahead of BELCOO on his schedule. And now I just feel like an asshole for posting that photo of Jenna. Wait, maybe if I look at it again, it will make the bad feelings go away. Ahhhh, much better.

Extra Tidbit: I have a funny James Gunn/Jenna Fischer/Me drunk story that's way too long to reprint here.
Source: Variety



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