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Gunplay meets foreplay in extended Fifty Shades Darker trailer


FIFTY SHADES OF GREY made $571 million globally off a $45 million budget, proving audiences will pack the house for two things if offered in abundance: kinky sex and catchy pop ditties. Okay, maybe the first one does a little more for viewers, but the movie had several chart-topping hits (one was even nominated for an Oscar), and if the marketing for this movie does anything it’s show audiences they’ll be getting the exact same thing with FIFTY SHADES DARKER. The proof lies in this new extended trailer below!

Anyone who remembers the first trailer with the fondness of Christmas mornings from memories past can tell there’s not much extended here from the first trailer. There are more scenes of the two lovebirds’ stalker, who clearly gets her clothes from the dumpster behind Payless, but the trailer is a clear showcase for the song by ZAYN and Taylor Swift that was written for the film. I mean, it will gets asses in seats, and if people like the song and the movie then whatever. But I feel someone needs to tell whoever is in charge that masquerade balls aren't that intriguing. Just food for thought.

FIFTY SHADES DARKER arrives February 10 with Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan and Kim Basinger.

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