Gus & Bret do Suicides

   Van Sant likes his movie treats

Gus Van Sant teaming up with Bret Easton Ellis to make a feature out of a tragic suicide pact; Can you imagine something more blood-chillingly depressing?

The indie director and AMERICAN PSYCHO author are endeavoring to expand from a Vanity Fair article by Nancy Jo Sales called THE GOLDEN SUICIDES, about the deaths of artists Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake. She was a cultural critic and video game creator, he was a digital artist and painter. He found her body with a suicide note, and walked into the ocean to do the same.

No word yet on whether Van Sant will direct in addition to writing with Ellis. I'd rather have him sit this one out - still haven't fully absorbed ELEPHANT nor GERRY yet, so give me a chance before going even darker. Any help on GERRY would be appreciated...

Extra Tidbit: Ironic to see Gus enjoying popcorn in a movie theater. Not really a Redenbacher kinda filmmaker...
Source: Variety



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