Guy Ritchie to direct Warren Ellis' Excalibur treatment?

After passing on a LOBO adaptation, Guy Ritchie might center his talents on Excalibur.

No, this is not the remake of 1981's EXCALIBUR that Bryan Singer was attached to. This happens to be the Warren Ellis' Excalibur treatment set up with Hollywood Gang production (co-producers of 300).

Ellis explained that his story was a bit different from others because it is more specifically about the gathering of the Knights.

Both Excalibur films are set up with Warner Brothers and are in the script stage. Which version will come out first? I'm putting money on the Ellis treatment. If they get the right person on the script and Ritchie to direct, consider that shit sold. Even though this is just a treatment from Ellis, I'm sure it's worthy. The guy is a great comic writer. Right now, another treatment that's been adapted from Ellis called RED starring Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman is currently being filmed.

Honestly, I'd rather pass on a remake. A new take on it from Ellis has my vote between the two.

Extra Tidbit: Ellis actually did a comic with Marvel called Excalibur. Sort of an X-Men off shoot with Captain Britain. Excalibur was the name of the team.
Source: Pajiba



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