Gyllenhaal is Spidey!!

It's not every day that we get to break a massive scoop such as this, but after checking with 3 different sources at the studio (I will not name names!), JoBlo.com can announce that actor Jake Gyllenhaal will be replacing Tobey Maguire in the next SPIDER-MAN movie, tentatively scheduled for release for summer 2010. Jake has been meeting with Sony execs for the past few weeks, and apparently agreed to take on the role, after Maguire said that he was "moving on" from the part. No word on whether or not Sam Raimi will continue on as the director, but he will definitely be producing the film, and developing its storyline which will apparently be delving further into the Venom storyline, as well as the Lizard or possibly Electro.

Some of you might've seen Gyllenhaal walking around with a bum leg last week, which was apparently from a couple of stunt sessions that he was going through with the trainers for the movie. It was just a mild sprain, but apparently the filmmakers said that he was "built like a champ" and could easily take over the role from Maguire, who almost relayed the role to Gyllenhaal back in 2003, after the former actor was apparently having back problems whilst renegotiating his contract. According to our sources, Gyllenhaal has already spoken to a few different directors about helming the fourth picture, tentatively titled SPIDER-MAN STRIKES BACK, including his friend Sam Mendes, who directed him in the underrated JARHEAD, as well as Blair Hayes, an apparent comic book freak, who helped Gyllenhaal negotiate his way through BUBBLE BOY back in 2001.

I'm personally very happy about this news because I think Maguire was a little "played out" as Parker at this point, but I'm even happier about the news that Kirsten Dunst will most likely not be returning as Mary Jane, since she and Gyllenhaal had a tumultuous real-life relationship that ended badly, but also because apparently she also wants to "move on" (great move, honey!). For now, rumors are still swerving about who might take over the coveted role as Spidey's main squeeze including hottie extraordinaire Megan Fox, one of Jake's good friends Natalie Portman, or even an inspired choice (in my opinion), Maggie Gyllenhaal -- Jake's sister in real life.

Jake once said that he would "love to make out with my sister...but only for a movie, of course", so this would be the ideal circumstance to do so. Also, Maggie just finished her role as Batman's main squeeze in THE DARK KNIGHT, so God knows she's likely to want to keep that "comic book hero girlfriend" thing going for years to come. That said, I personally would rather see her do a sequel to the very awesome SECRETARY, but maybe that's just me.

Jake has apparently been vying for the role of Peter Parker since the series began and once called Maguire a "f*ckin' shrimp" when asked about how he felt about his fellow actor's chops as the Webhead. "I always thought that Maguire was overrated as an actor, except for his role in WONDER BOYS, in which he played a great gay guy, but other than that, the dude looks depressed in pretty much everything he does." The studio is now fast-tracking the next installment of the SPIDER-MAN series, despite many negative reviews for SPIDER-MAN 3, and is apparently considering hiring Akiva Goldsman as the screenwriter or McG as the director (unless Brett Ratner is available).

Gyllenhaal is said to be thrilled with the news and when JoBlo.com contacted him this past weekend, he even admitted that what he's really looking forward to is the "spidey groupie tail" that apparently comes with the gig. Gyllenhaal also gave our site a little shout-out and said, "If it wasn't for sites like JoBlo.com that keep the movie geeks informed about the day-to-day minutiae of our lives, this wouldn't be possible, so if you or any of your staff wants to come on set for a handjob by a hot extra or even a half-hot grip...just drop me a line and I'll set you up."

You know what, Mr. Spider-Man, we may just take you up on that! But only after announcing this year's April Fool's fake story, which is the one you just read. Oh, and for our past April Fool’s Day stories, click on the links below, and remember to use the EMAIL THIS STORY TO A FRIEND link below to send this hot scoop to your buddies as well. Cheers!

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Extra Tidbit: This wouldn't be the first time that Jake Gyllenhaal has replaced a superhero character. On TV's "Entourage", he replaced Vincent Chase as Aquaman in "Aquaman 2".
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