Haley is Sinestro?

   Jackie & Sinestro

UPDATE: as one of our schmoes pointed out down there, the folks from Collider got hold of Haley for a quick vid interview this weekend where he told them “you guys are out in front of it and I don’t know anything about it yet. If something comes up I’ll let you know.” Guess we'll have to wait n' see.


Holy mother of GOD I hadn't seen this one coming but if it turns out to be true I'm gonna have a geek overload!

Ain't it Cool News' head honcho Harry posted a rumor from a source he calls "pretty reliable" that director Martin Campbell is looking to lock the rest of GREEN LANTERN's main roles in the coming days, and the lead choice to play Sinestro would be none other than Jackie Earl friggin Haley. First Rorschach, then Freddy, and now Hal Jordan's nemesis - that guy is on fire!!!

Harry also mentions the possibility of a Superman cameo in the film, but who gives a crap about big blue - I wanna see Rorschach kicking Ryan Reynold's butt!!! What say you schmoes about this?

Extra Tidbit: If they cast Michael Madsen as Kilowog like for the FIRST FLIGHT animated film, I'm doing a naked dance of rapture! Be advised.



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