Halle is insane?

Halle Berry might be going insane. The actress is in talks to star in the thriller THE SURROGATE for Fox and director Paul Verhoeven. In the film, a slightly darker and less peeing-in-the-sink version of BABY MAMA, a woman hires a surrogate to carry her baby only to find out the woman is insane. The 43-year-old Berry, whose last theatrical release was the awful Bruce Willis thriller PERFECT STRANGER, would play the Amy Poehler stand-in. In a related story, Halle Berry is 43!! Wow. I know we're all supposed to be drooling over Megan Fox, but I'd take a 43-year-old Halle Berry any day. Rod and Bruce Taylor (THE BRAVE ONE) are writing the script, which is based on a book by Kathryn Mackel. I haven't read the book but it seems to have large Christian overtones (Mackel wrote the popular Christian movie LEFT BEHIND), which I'm guessing will be toned down for the movie.

Extra Tidbit: I'm thinking that maybe they should still get Halle Berry to pee in a sink.
Source: Variety



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