Halle steals stuff

For a while there after she snatched a little gold statue, it seemed like Halle Berry was attached to a new project every week. But except for her third turn as bewigged weather babe Storm in X-MEN 3, she seems to be keeping a low profile... until recently.

Just the other day we heard she was getting her drama TULIA going again, and now it sounds like she wants to get her claws on some other gems, portraying a real-life cat burglar in WHO IS DORIS PAYNE? Perhaps it's a small attempt to make amends for the drastic deviation of the character in CATWOMAN? Let's hope her body double isn't a dude this time.

To help answer the question WHO IS DORIS PAYNE?, I asked my chum Google, who tells me that she's been swiping valuables from jewelry stores for 50 years, is described as "a female Cary Grant, smooth and confident", and is awaiting trial in Las Vegas for skipping off with a $30,000 ring.

Berry (everlastingly sexy at 40) will next be seen with Bruce Willis and his latest interesting hair in the internet thriller (ummm) PERFECT STRANGERS.
Extra Tidbit: Berry accepted her Razzie Award for CATWOMAN in person with screenwriter John Rogers.
Source: Moviehole.net



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