Halloween 3D in 2010

DVD Cover for the original HALLOWEEN 3

Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN II might not have made the critics jump very high, nor the box-office for that matter, but the Weinsteins still see dollar signs with that franchise, especially considering the actual week-end winner THE FINAL DESTINATION.

According to LA Times, Bob and Harvey aren't even waiting for a complete post-mortem on the movie to launch work on a third HALLOWEEN with two major changes: Rob Zombie won't be involved, and it'll be in 3D. I wonder which is LESS surprising. Oh, and it'll be released less than a year from now... If THAT works, like it currently does for SAW, well... Don't be surprise to get a new one every August for the next 5 years at least. Yay! *cough*

The studio revealed they're in active negotiation with a new "experienced" director -they won't say who- with a "different take" on the franchise. Why do I smell the word reboot looming nearby? Or is it SEASON OF THE WITCH all over again?!?

A third film is thus pretty much inevitable, but a lame director is not. YET. So who SHOULD it be? I got my money on Alexandre Aja.

Extra Tidbit: SEASON OF THE WITCH is the only original Halloween film I watched entirely, and I kinda liked it. Am I the only one?
Source: LA Times



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