Halloween script review

None of the modern era HALLOWEEN movies have done much to reinvigorate the franchise but Rob Zombie is giving a shot at it with the new en vogue horror flick - the origin tale. He's been posting pretty extensively about the movie on his MySpace page, talking about casting (Tyler Mane, Malcolm McDowell, Danielle Harris) and more. Today, Ain't It Cool has a script review up of Zombie's draft and it not only ain't it cool, it ain't good either. There are spoilers involved but the gist of it is that the movie doesn't ring true to the original. One thing that stuck out at me (and should've been a sign of something amiss when Mane was cast) is that Myers is reimagined as a hulking behemoth, a la Leatherface or the latter days Jason. Part of the creepiness for me of the original was that Michael Myers seemed very slight but was insanely menacing anyway. AICN hopes that they have a very early draft that is being rewritten but considering Mane is cast, that part certainly isn't being changed. Click above to check it out for yourself and make sure to keep your fingers crossed...



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