Halo concept art

As we know, the HALO movie as it existed with Peter Jackson, Neil Blomkamp and Alex Garland, is dead. But writer Stuart Beattie went ahead and wrote his own spec script, based on the novel "Halo: Fall Of Reach", and conceptual artist Kasra Farahani (SPIDERMAN 3) worked on some concept art as part of a presentation to Microsoft. Will that film eventually get made? Who knows, at this point. But here is a look at that artwork all the same!

Of course, for some of you who are huge fans of the game, this might just be like turning the knife further into your beating heart. I guess in my universe it would be like if Warner Bros. released a screencap for a since declared defunct movie where Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays a rogue black ops assassin with a split personality. One minute she is sexually innocent librarian, Veronica, and the next she is Tanya McTits, a nymphomaniac with a bad streak. "The most dangerous weapon is the one you can't trust". Great, now I'm disappointed it's not really happening.
Extra Tidbit: On September 25, 2007, the release date for Halo 3, Microsoft's shares rose 1.7 % based on sales expectations for the game.
Source: Latino Review



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