Halo guys' District

The live-action HALO movie remains in deep orbit (despite the third game in the franchise recently generating an ungodly amount of money), but producer Peter Jackson and his chosen director Neill Blomkamp can't be bothered waiting around for someone to pull Master Chief's trigger.

The pair are making their own sci-fi epic, an original project titled DISTRICT 9. The ambitious project will be independently financed (giving them full creative control) and will shoot in the spring, and marks the feature debut of commercial director and 3D animator Blomkamp.

WETA will be handling the visual effects, but there's no word yet on story specifics (though we should have some soon -- considering the people involved, they've probably already done some nifty FX tests too). The project came out of the Jackson/Blomkamp collaboration during prep for HALO, a property they probably don't even really need now. Jackson is currently filming THE LOVELY BONES.
Extra Tidbit: Blomkamp's short film TEMPBOT, about an office drone in the literal sense, can be seen RIGHT HERE.
Source: Variety



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