Hang on, there are TWO Alien prequels in the works?

So it was enough of a surprise when it was first announced that Ridley Scott was returning for an ALIEN prequel, and recently, we brought you some of his thoughts about what would make it into that film. But as he attends more and more junkets for ROBIN HOOD, new info is coming out all the time, and this latest bit of news is pretty out there.

Scott is actually planning on two ALIEN prequels, a fact he recently revealed to Collider. 

"Yup. It'll be two," says Ridley. "Prequel one and two, then Alien 1." Asked if he'll be filming them back to back, his response was, "At the moment I'm just trying to get the first one out."

Is this is a good or bad thing? I’m split. The idea of an ALIEN prequel is questionable enough as is, as I think the franchise died about three movies ago, so TWO prequels seems doubly unnecessary. On the other hand, it IS Ridley doing it, and for him to have two films in mind means he has to have a pretty clear idea of a story arc that takes at least three hours to tell.

Read the rest of the interview at Collider, where Scott discusses 3D tech and if it’s going to be in play.

Extra Tidbit: Next up, the GLADIATOR sequel!
Source: Collider



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