Hanks burns books?

Tom Hanks Is Tom Hanks about to blow our minds by becoming a conflicted firefighter who rebels against an oppressive regime hellbent on incinerating the world's literature? According to AICN, he is. It seems prolific veteran writer/director Frank Darabont has set his sights on Hanks for the role of insurgent firefighter Guy Montag in FAHRENHEIT 451, his upcoming adaptation of the famed Ray Bradbury novel of the same name. The scooper who provided AICN with the info seems pretty confident that he or she is right but until official channels confirm it, take it as nothing more than a pretty intriguing rumor. Hanks is, in the meantime, busy prepping a slew of films (and likely one or two documentaries on the moon landing and World War II) and can next be seen in the dramedy THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD and the fact-based drama CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR.

Extra Tidbit: The 1966 Fran├žois Truffaut directed adaptation of FAHRENHEIT 451 starred Oskar Werner as Guy Montag.
Source: AICN



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